Presentation of the Fundamente Haus und Grundbesitz Mallorca community, of which we are the legal partner

On 31 December Fundamente Haus & Grundbesitz Mallorca was presented to the public. This is the new community of interest for German-speaking property owners and buyers resident on the island, of which our firm’s International Desk is the legal partner.

HuG Conference Olabarria

The event, which took place in the Auditorium of the Club Mallorca Zeitung, was attended by numerous personalities of the German community residing in Majorca, as well as members of the public interested in gaining first-hand information relating to legal, tax or economic aspects to be taken into account when purchasing or building real estate property in our community.

The Foreign Investments Area of Bufete Buades was represented by Daniel Olabarria Vaquero, LL.M., whose presentation focused on aspects to be taken into account for the “Property Register and Cadastre: differences and use”.