Buades Legal, the natural evolution of the firm

Renewing our brand

To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the Firm’s current offices, in Avenida Jaume III, 4 in Palma, we have undertaken a profound rebranding with a new name and brand, Buades Legal.

Throughout the quarter of a century since way back in 1997, we have kept the same corporate image with very few changes. It has served us well, as a sober, measured and successful brand, accompanying a reliable professional project.

This change of image is in response to the inexorable passage of time, together with the changes introduced in the Firm, which has seen a significant increase in the number of partners, and the adjustments that allow it to address current and future challenges. Although we wanted the change of image to maintain the brand’s virtues, it also had to adapt to current times and very particularly to the demands and requirements imposed by a digital world, which is evolving relentlessly.

From the outset we opted to keep the back-to-back BB as our hallmark; the difficulty lay in how to associate this logo with the new name, Buades Legal, which was no easy task.

In fact, we found the solution by juggling with the back-to-back BB logo, breathing new life into those forms that had been representing and shaping the brand for more than 25 years. This way, we achieved completely geometrical letters, perfect when it comes to adapting to digital formats, by giving them new life without losing the references from the past. In short, so to speak, we turned it on its head, we saw its “Upside down“, confirming that the brand still has a long way to go and the ability to adapt to any circumstance, place and time.

The corporate colours and other distinctive signs have also been extensively debated and worked on; the idea was to evolve rather than disrupt, but with a clear emphasis on updating.

We hope we have made the right choice with this redesigning of our corporate image, which is in line with our future project.