‘More Personal” with Verónica Navas

Verónica Navas - Más personalNow is the turn of Verónica Navas, management assistant at Bufete Buades, who will reveal some aspects about her personality, beyond her professional specialization in the law.

A color

Green. I always liked the color green.

The ideal breakfast is…

Preferably during the weekend, on a terrace facing the sea, and always with good coffee.un buen café.

The best moment of the day

Watching the sunset. If possible, when duty permits, topped off with a good mojito.

A place to get lost

Es Carbó or Es Caragol beaches. They are beaches that I like to go to, both in summer and winter, to walk on the sand, and unwind contemplating their incredible scenery.

The best advice you have ever been given

Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto to you. Simple but very effective for determining if someone may or may not be bothered by what you do.

A book, a movie and a song

For reading, “The Language of Flowers,” for watching, “The Notebook,” and for listening, the song “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.

When you think of happiness, what images go through your mind?

When I’m older and have the chance, I imagine my happiness as living in a cottage, with my dog and with a nice garden to which I would devote part of the day. I would sit on the porch waiting for the sunset with a beer and a good slice of bread with olive oil.

Your funniest office anecdote

When performing the raffle draw for the 2005 Christmas trip, Neus pulled out the piece of paper with my name on it and screamed it out, Pedro Almodovar-style.

A dream to fulfill

To go on a 4-week backpacking trip far, far away from here….