“More Personal” with Queta Amengual

Queta Amengual, gerente de Bufete Buades

Queta Amengual, Manager of Bufete Buades, opens the section <> on the blog with interviews to management team of the firm, with the aim to get to know better all the members of the firm.

One Colour

White is a colour which I love it because of what it represents. Also I like warm tones in certain moments.

The Ideal Breakfast

Whenever, I have time, toasts with tomatoes and olive oil, orange juice and coffee. And of course, a newspaper.

The best moment of the day

The aperitif on Saturdays, just before lunch. It is a moment to relax.

A place to scape

On this island there are wonderful places to disconnect, for example the tiny little cove <>, in Banyalbufar. A place where time seems to stop. Complete peace in a typical postcard view.

The best advice that you have received

<>. Advice given to me in several occasions by Joan Buades, and I try to follow this advice, but sometimes is difficult.

One book, one film and one song

<>. I read it one summer and it fascinated me.
<>. I have seen it many times and always enjoy me.
<> of Prince. Without a doubt.

When you think about happiness, which image comes to mind…

In the future, I don´t know when, go back to the country, far away of my daily obligations. Always near with a fireplace, which offers a feeling of home, garden and orchard, with my family, my dog, and my friends and family closest.

The most amusing anecdote of the office

I remember with a lot of affection, the amusing preparations for the celebration of the 10 Anniversary of Bufete Buades. Certainly, everybody participated very active in this, and we really had a very enjoyable time.

A dream to fulfill

Among other things understand the meteorology. It is true, it is a science which really fascinated me, I would like to be able to have time to study it. And dedicate my time to observe the sky and the meteorological phenomena.