“More Personal” with Eva Ponti

Eva Ponti - Más personal

With Eva Ponti, Personal Assistant and Joan Buades´ right hand, following in the series <<Más Personal>>, we get to know a little better its members of the Bufete Buades Management Team.

One colour


The Ideal Breakfast

The weekends I enjoy having breakfast at home, with my family, not in a hurry.

The best moment of the day

I love sleeping. When I go to bed, at the end of a busy day, it is one of my favorites moments.

A place to scape

My husband and I, every summer choose Formentera, to get lost for a few days. This is something we have been doing for many years. It is fantastic!

The best advice that you have received

<> <>. Wise advice that my grandfather gave me when I was a child, he repeated it constantly and I think he is right. I try to fulfill this when I can.

One book, one film and one song

<> of Lobsang Rampa. It fascinated me.

<> de Benigni. Which shows us what history is like.

<> of Elvis Presley. My father always said is the best song of all times, and it is so difficult to choose only one, I agree with him.

When you think about happiness, which image comes to mind…

Luckily many different images come to mind, nearly always with my family, all together at home in front of the fire, or together on a beautiful beach, enjoying our leisure time.

The most amusing anecdote of the office

One day a very strange lady, without an appointment, asked to see Mr. Buades. One of my duties is to filter telephone calls and visits. When I saw this lady who had a very strange appearance, who made strange noises and was impossible to understand her, I thought she wasn´t in her right mind, and very diplomatically and politely, I asked her to leave, saying Mr. Buades wasn´t in the office.

Then, later, I commented to Mr. Buades explaining him what had happened and he told me it was a friend who had just had plastic surgery on her face. For this reason she spoke in this strange way and had the bizarre appearance. We laughed a lot.

A dream to fulfill

To travel to all the places I haven´t been.