Bufete Buades Law Firm has been ranked among the 100 Best Law Firms in Spain

The law firm has been included in the ranking: “Los Mejores Bufetes de Abogados en España 2022” (“The Best Law Firms in Spain 2022”) by the prestigious Spanish financial newspaper CincoDías and Statista; it is the only law firm in the Generalist sector in the Balearic Islands

Bufete Buades Law Firm has been included in the acclaimed list of «The Best Law Firms in Spain 2022” prepared jointly by the Spanish financial newspaper CincoDías and audited by Statista. The ranking was published in the CincoDías edition on 20th of November in the special issue: “Los mejores despachos 2022” (“The best law firms 2022”) and it has been rigorously prepared based on votes from over 3,000 lawyers and clients who cast more than 6,500 votes in total. In addition to the honour of being selected among the top 100 law firms in Spain, Bufete Buades is the only generalist law firm with head office in the Balearic Islands; it has also been ranked in the Top 10 firms specialising in Commercial Law and Corporate Law. It has been included in the Top 15 in Labour Law and Top 15 in Litigation and Arbitration.

Access to the Spanish list of the TOP 100 Law Firms in Spain, arranged in alphabetical order or by fields of legal practice: Los Mejores Bufetes de Abogados de España 2022

Los 100 mejores bufetes de abogados del país se han identificado en función del número de recomendaciones recibidas y se han ordenado por orden alfabético. Las listas adicionales por categorías legales muestran en qué área de práctica legal los respectivos bufetes tienen una experiencia especial. Cada bufete incluido en la lista de los 100 mejores despachos está especialmente recomendado en al menos un área de práctica jurídica.


The lists of The Best Law Firms in Spain 2022 by CincoDías Statista are based on the recommendations from lawyers that work in a Law Firm (peer surveys) and clients (lawyers who work in the legal departments of private or public companies) in 21 different legal categories.

Almost 16,000 lawyers throughout all Spain were invited to participate in the survey. The sample was compiled based on research conducted by Statista using public access sources, such as Company websites and other publicly available sources. The invitations were sent by e-mail which included a personalised link which could only be used once. In addition, the lawyers and clients were able to participate in the survey through an open link. In these cases, the participants had to validate themselves by providing a professional company e-mail address, before their answers were included in the evaluation. The awards were announced on the CincoDías website and on the Statista project web page.

The survey was conducted between 3rd of May and 25th of June 2021 and over 3,000 lawyers replied to the invitation. Statista registered more than 6,500 recommendations from professional Law Firms in different legal fields. Self-recommendations were forbidden and were not included.