Mercantile Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law

What does it consist of?

The Buades Legal Law Firm’s Mercantile Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law department is comprised by an expert team of professionals with recognised experience and prestige due to its expert legal advice to companies and corporations as well as public, private or mixed-property entities, providing comprehensive solutions for their legal advice requirements.

We accompany our clients in their development of permanence and a long-term perspective by providing closeness, commitment and thorough knowledge of the client, which is our highest standard of conduct. We continually show our special vocation to provide expert legal advice to family businesses

The supplied legal advice covers the different sectors which have an influence on the development of companies (legal expertise in the corporate, instrumental and contractual field as well as the market)

How is it managed in our office?

The firm has a clear mercantile vocation, expertise in legal business as well as the comprehensive legal, economic and business training of our legal team in this field, which is based on excellent team work; we hire lawyers who carry out their legal practice in other fields when necessary; in this way, we provide comprehensive and transversal legal advice which covers all the needs and requirements of our customers related to the entrepreneurial sector.

Legal-technical advice on:

In a descriptive way without being exhaustive, we hereby list the matters in which we provide expert legal advice.

  • Commercial contracts.
    • Commercial contracts of sale-purchase, exchange, deposit, etc.
    • Contractual agreements for agency, mandate, mediation, commission, representation, distribution, franchise and supply
    • Licences and outsourcing contracts.
    • Banking and financing contracts (leasing, renting, confirming, factoring, etc.)
    • Formalisation of real property guarantees and personal sureties.
    • Foreign exchange law.
    • Contractual agreements for land, air and sea transport.
    • Association agreements and participation accounts,
  • Shareholder and Corporate law.
    • Incorporation of companies and corporations.
    • Bylaw/Statutory amendments, corporate restructuring operations and transformations.
    • Secretary services and expert legal advice for Boards of Directors or Administrative bodies.
    • Shareholder agreements as well as corporate and social contracts.
    • Governance improvements (Board and Council regulations, corporate governance reports, good government codes)
    • Company administration and management as well as director and administrative staff remuneration.
    • Director responsibility actions.
    • Company dissolution, liquidation and settlement processes,
    • Expert legal advice to foundations, associations, economic interest groups (AIE) as well as public and private entities (consortiums, mixed companies, joint ventures, etc.).
    • Professional legal advice to family businesses (family protocols, family councils and family/business bodies).
  • Other legal fields
    • Competition law and unfair competition cases.
    • Intellectual property rights.
    • Brands, trademarks, patents and distinctive signs law.
  • Litigation proceedings related to the specific legal advice provided in mercantile law, commercial law and corporate law matters.

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