Areas of practice

By having a large team of lawyers, supported by an efficient management team, we have opted for specialization and the creation of practice areas that allow the integration of those professionals who are specialized in different legal disciplines.

Arbitration and Mediation

From mediation in the resolution of any type of conflict (promoting extrajudicial transactions) to advice and monitoring of national or international arbitration proceedings.

Tourism Law

We advise companies and institutions in the tourism sector, both in and out of court. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to offer preventive advice, avoiding conflicts in the relations between the different tour operators.

New Technologies and Data Protection Law

We offer legal advice and solutions to any company whose business, or part of it, is based on the application and development of technology and digital environments, protecting the data generated in each process, service or product.

Criminal law and Crime Prevention (Compliance)

Buades Legal guarantees the defense of the client's interests in criminal proceedings, whether as a prosecution or as a defense, for possible criminal offenses related to the company or individuals.

Mercantile Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law

We guarantee comprehensive legal advice to public or private property groups in their transactions with commercial and financial implications.

Labour Law and Social Security

We cover all needs that may arise in the area of social and labor issues in the operation of companies.

Family, Succession and Balearic Regional Law

We provide personalized legal advice to individuals in their family relationships, both in matters of marriage and inheritance.

Public Law

The Public Law Area of Buades Legal offers advice on public law, legal relations of companies, professional and business associations, individuals and other agents that interact with the different Public Administrations, as well as on inter-administrative links.

International Desk

The Foreign Investments Area includes comprehensive advice on investments made by legal entities and individuals from other countries, with its main activity in matters of International Commercial and Civil Law.

Credit and Bankruptcy Law

The Bankruptcy and Credit Law Department of Buades Legal aims to provide a comprehensive, proactive and anticipatory response to the needs of its clients when situations of economic crisis, insolvency, restructuring, negotiation and non-payment of obligations and debts arise.

Real Estate and Construction Law

We advise individuals, companies and institutions with interests in the sector, both in and out of court.

Civil Liability, Insurance and Damages Law

The Civil Liability Law, Insurance Law and Damages Area projects its practice in the multiple aspects related to the aforementioned matters, which are becoming more and more important due to the criteria of objectification of the law of fault, compensation and its insurance.

Land Use Planning, Urban Planning and Environmental Law

Advice to individuals, companies and institutions with interests in the sector, both in and out of court.