Civil Liability, Insurance and Damages Law

What does it consist of?

The Bufete Buades Law Firm’s Civil Liability, Insurance and Damages Law department is specialised in multiple aspects related to this sector which have become increasingly important due to the criteria of assessment of the claim rights, compensation and their assurance. A large number of controversies which occur in daily life are related to these matters, hence their importance and relevance.

How is this issue managed in our law firm?

Since its founding, our Law Firm has provided expert legal advice in this field, intervening in different jurisdictional orders in which controversies have arisen that are related to criminal and civil liabilities which derive from multiple behaviours that generate compensations for damages and detriments. Likewise, our Lawyers are experts in insurance law, providing professional advice in the definition of coverages, formalisation of assurance policies and everything related to the conclusion of insurance contracts; our Lawyers have high-level expertise in the defence of the interests which are entrusted to us, both in out-of-court settlements and in court proceedings if required.

Specialist legal advice

  • Professional liability in the health care sector; errors, medical malpractice or omissions in health care assistance.
  • Claims for professional liability of legal professions; lawyers, court attorneys, notaries, registrars, judges and magistrates.
  • Liability in the technical field, architects, building technicians, engineers related to the construction sector.
  • Asset liabilities of Public Administrations.
  • Occupational accidents in the different jurisdictional orders:  Criminal, administrative, employment and civil.
  • Automobile losses, in all legal orders.
  • Defence of insurers and their policyholders.
  • Asset damage losses, significantly due to water, fires, thefts, both individual residences and industries.
  • Interpretations of the terms of Life Insurance, Accident, Disease, Health Care and Death Insurance Policies.
  • All types of actions derived from the contracting of any insurance policies.
  • Environmental Civil Liability.