Credit and Bankruptcy Law

What does it consist of?

The Buades Legal Law Firm’s Credit and Bankruptcy Law department provides a comprehensive, proactive and anticipatory response to its clients’ needs when they are involved in economic crisis situations, insolvency, restructuring, negotiation and default of obligations and debts.

We have extensive and proven expertise in comprehensive and multi-disciplinary legal advice for companies and other economic operators, which allows us to accompany them in credit recovery claims and where required, renegotiation; as well as taking key decisions in crisis situations, the preparation of restructuring and refinancing schemes as well as other bankruptcy mechanisms and insolvency management.

How is this issue managed in our law firm?

We provide our extensive experience and proven reputation to obtain satisfactory results in the shortest time possible with the suitable economic resources, executing these measures with a direct and close relationship with the client who confides the defence of their interests in us. Likewise, we add our continual investment in IT/Computer technology and software applications, which create the optimum conditions to guarantee maximum versatility in favour of the client’s interests.

Our lawyers have proven expertise in the management of all types of credit recovery proceedings; in the negotiation of payment agreements; in the defence of debtors and creditors in the framework of refinancing, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy processes; and in the development of the specific functions of the bankruptcy administration. Likewise, we have the satisfaction of having successfully accompanied numerous clients to obtain a Second Opportunity.

Expert Legal and Technical advice:

  • Claims for amounts due to any type of default: invoices, promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques, etc.
  • Intervention in the bankruptcy proceedings where we promote the interests of our clients or the processes in which the issues that affect them are resolved, promoting these proceedings, the incidents that are substantiated or the claims that must be implemented.
  • Negotiation in the out-of-court settlement of debts and payment agreements, debt recognition, formalisation of guarantees and all other agreements that have the aim to document creditor or debtor positions and to establish their settlement method.
  • Expert legal advice to obtain the benefit of exoneration of the unpaid liability or Second Opportunity.
  • Bankruptcy mediation.
  • Sale-purchase of productive units and/or assets of companies in bankruptcy processes.